Bulk SMS Service

Welcome to MacDysaa The Bulk SMS Resellers India

There is no doubt that the Bulk SMS and voice SMS that created the brand in all areas of activity. Wherever you go, you find the use of these technologies at each end. Bulk SMS is not only used in advertising, but also for information. So , Build your own profit business more dynamic and direct business today with MacDysaa. We offer the largest retailer plans to help professionals with a challenge, so they can create their own brand and grow in this growing sector.

Some features for our Bulk SMS Reseller Gateway :

  1. Become a distributor will have its own text messaging solution.
  2. Completely organized
  3. Marked with your own company logo
  4. Fully Branded Customer Panel
  5. Functions of customer management Client.
  6. Total customer and reseller management interface
  7. Special rates
  8. Unlimited validity
  9. Full control activities
  10. Full technical support

We believe in growth. There are many people in the market potential of passion was a success, but the lack of support. We are a step forward for people in the way of our reseller program. Our Program helps resellers’ distributors to ensure the rapid growth in the provision of SMS services to non-customers. It offers World Class bulk SMS service, SMS Gateway services, International SMS, Voice SMS etc. SMS resellers can maximize customer satisfaction and better service with the help of our world class support system. Quality is the main objective of a better value and maximum return on investment for the SMS provider.

MacDysaa have Business relationship with all major telecom operators that’s why we provide you a seamless Services experience and excellent care. Our very strong development team ensures efficient and continuous innovation and customer satisfaction has a whole new level.

MacDysaa Setup SMS reselling business for you in free of cost. To a similar solution on its own would require significant resources, such as hiring developers, integrating connectivity with mobile networks, the design of the application interface, etc.

MacDysaa provide you 24×7 technical support system. Redundancy at all levels to business continuity of our valued customers’ confidentiality. It will be a dedicated account manager for all distributors Bulk SMS in India. SMS is a new generation distributor in India and in the end make it easier for mobile value added services to mobile operators, media companies and enterprises. We are always ready to introduce our company and work with appropriate partners to expand, so we are looking for partners and SMS resellers in India, to join this movement for mutually beneficial business relationships.