Cancellations & Returns

What is the general return policy on macdysaa?

We want to ensure you have a hassle-free shopping experience, where you can confidently make purchases. All sellers on macdysaa have a comprehensive return policy which is tailored to protect our customers. Please refer to our seller specific policies for further details.


Seller WS Retail provides the 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Please refer to the seller WS Retail's Return Policy for details. All other sellers provide the Sellers' Return Policy.

What is WS Retail's Return Policy?

Seller WS Retail provides the following product specific return policy.


Product specific return policies for WS Retail

Other Reasons

Domain & Digital Signature

Not applicable

Not applicable

Website Hosting

30 Day Replacement

30 Day Replacement

Reseller Plan 30 Day Replacement 30 Day Replacement

For Refund/Cancellation Contact on 0233-6610702, +91-9604972398.